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At AR Mediations, we can provide you with

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  • Nationally Accredited Mediator
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About Us
>Dr Anjali Rastogi - Mediation Services Newcastle
Dr Anjali Rastogi is an experienced lawyer, a nationally accredited mediator and a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. 
As a skilled and experienced mediator, Anjali facilitates the parties to a dispute to communicate equally and effectively. Disputes can be resolved in a convenient, flexible and creative manner. Mediation provides an efficient and cost effective alternative to the judicial system.

About Ar Mediation - Mediation Services Newcastle

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Life often throws us into situations where conflicts arise: it might be a relationship traversing the difficult path of separation or divorce. A hitherto supportive business partnership experiencing rockiness at splitting up. Or grievances amassed at an unjust termination from a workplace...

In situations like these, effective resolution of the conflict can help us resolve the matter quickly and in a more productive way. Ideally this should involve choosing mediation rather than taking the dispute to court. This is why AR Mediation brings to you a range of professional mediation services to help you through the rocky patches in life.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a non-judicial, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process where a neutral third party helps the disputing sides to resolve the conflict. If you are wondering what is significant and different about mediation, it is the fact that mediation is a structured process where special negotiation techniques are applied to help the parties communicate better and reach an effective, mutually acceptable solution.

Mediation often resolves disputes more effectively and economically than court procedures. Mediations can be safeguarded and are applicable in law. This process can be used to resolve any sort of conflict related to community, business or family.

Why Choose Mediation Services?

If you’re wondering if the path of mediation is the one for you, let us run you through some of the key benefits of choosing mediation over a judicial system.

  1. Privacy
    Proceedings at a court are usually public, while dispute mediation services offer complete confidentiality because the matter is kept strictly between you, the other disputing party, and the mediator. In some cases, privacy is even ensured to such an extent that the law cannot force the mediator to testify in the court, against or for a party, or inform the court of the progress of mediation. However, in cases of criminal acts, or child abuse for example, such privacy may not be applied for purposes of safety and integrity.
  2. Control
    Professional mediation services seek to empower the parties, enhance their communication and help them explore options for a settlement. Our primary role is of facilitation and advice. We do not offer prescriptive solutions and instead the control lies with the parties involved. This often works better and helps the parties achieve a good solution. In a judicial system, the control rests with the jury and therefore the disputing parties do not have control or influence over the resolution settlement.
  3. Lesser Rate of Non-Compliance
    Statistics show the rate of compliance for resolutions obtained through legal mediation services in much higher than those obtained through the court system. This is because the disputing parties reach their own agreement through a mediation process and therefore feel more able to agree to the conditions of settlement. In a judicial system the resolution is often forced and may not be to the liking of one or even both parties. This can lead to compliance becoming an issue and may even cause additional aspects of dispute. Using a mediation service also helps in cutting the costs of employing an expensive legal advisor to enforce compliance. You can, however, rest assured that mediated agreements are also fully enforceable by law.
  4. Readiness to Resolve
    When people choose legal mediation services this usually means they are already willing to work together and this is a good attitude with which to begin a conflict resolution. As opposed to a court case, where the process is more adversarial, opting for mediation implies the parties are ready to move away from their positions and that they have some consideration for the other party's position. This is also advantageous for successfully maintaining a problem-free relationship between the parties.
  5. Outside the Box Solutions
    Whether you opt for business mediation services or a community mediation service, the mediators are trained to guide you through a range of disputes, even in the trickiest of situations. Their experienced techniques and guidance allows both parties to explore their options and think of appropriate, relevant, novel solutions for their circumstance.
  6. Cost Efficient
    Professional Newcastle mediation services may charge a fee comparable to that of a lawyer. However, because mediation processes resolve conflicts much quicker than a judicial process, you end up paying less in the end. A standard court case may take a lot of time and can last for months or even years, while a mediation process takes anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks.

Our Services

AR Mediation provides a range of professional services, we have some of the best experts in mediation Newcastle has to offer. Our services range from family mediations, to financial and workplace mediations. We offer:

  1. Family Dispute Mediation
    A third party legal mediator can help you resolve a variety of family disputes. Our job is to ensure a safe environment to help resolve the dispute, to safeguard the interests of both parties and to make sure there are no injustices during the negotiation.
    Typically, our family mediations help in the following:
    • Divorce & Separation
      Our mediators will help you in all aspects of divorce negotiation:
      Child custody
    • Negotiating child access
    • Spousal support
    • Division of financial assets
    • Forming Parenting plans
    • Acquiring a 60I Certificate

    AR mediation Newcastle services may also be employed to offer guidance regarding other issues, for example your children keeping in touch with in-laws, grandparents, or their step-families. When your children grow up and arrangements need to be changed, we can help to form a new arrangement.

  2. Inter-Family Disputes
    We can also help you resolve disputes related to:
    Parent-Child Conflicts, for teenagers and adult children
    • Adult-sibling disputes over property or rights
    • Eldercare disputes

    We have some of the most experienced professionals in mediation Newcastle has to offer. They will help you communicate, understand and will lead to a better, happier resolution.

  3. Marriage & Living Together

    AR Mediation also helps you form agreements to prevent any future conflicts. For couples seeking to get married or live together, we offer

    • Prenuptial agreements
    • Cohabitation agreements

    These agreements govern what happens to your finances when you live together and if you choose to separate. The agreements also govern the use of finances upon a party’s death.

2. Mediation for Division of Property

AR Mediation has the some of the best, well-trained, mediation professional Newcastle has for resolving property disputes. We provide a two tier service:

Step 1: Forming Agreements Prior to Conflicts

We help in forming agreements that will govern your future disbursement of property in case of a conflict. For example, our prenuptial agreements and our family business agreements lay down the principles for a dispute-free division in case of separation, death, etc.

Step 2: Mediation During Conflicts

In case a conflict arises, whether it is regarding wills and estates or regarding distribution of property after a divorce, we ensure safe mediation to reach a solution which will be acceptable to all.

In all of our financial mediations, we keep the following things in mind:

  1. To secure the financial stability of both parties.
  2. To ensure no injustices are done in the process of mediation.
  3. To ensure the rights of minors.
  4. To provide the safest, most non-threatening, non-intimidating environment for mediation.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Conflict in workplace is all too normal and often times can be resolved without outside help. However sometimes grievances can escalate to the extent that it starts to affect the productivity, positivity or retention rate of employees. AR Mediation helps to relieve the stress at your workplace which may be due to:

Our mediator, Dr Anjali Rastogi, will meet with the employer or the owner and advise them how to determine the best course of action. A further meeting follows which includes all the involved parties. Finally, a Dispute Resolution Conference is conducted to empower the parties with a transformative approach that helps to prevent any future conflicts in the workplace.

Why Choose Us?

Our distinguishing features include:

AR Mediation Services Newcastle has one of the most robust approaches to conflict resolution that will help you to quickly and economically benefit and reduce worry and stress.


AR Mediation follows through the case in the following phases:

  1. Pre-Mediation Phase
    During this phase a meeting is arranged with us, where both parties meet with our mediator individually. These sessions are kept strictly confidential. During this session, you discuss your issues, circumstances and concerns. This helps us get a clear picture of your side of the story.
  2. Introductory Phase
    This is when the actual mediation phase commences. The mediator introduces themselves to you and outlines their role in the process, so you understand how and in what way they are going to assist you. Both parties are then invited to narrate their concerns, issues and hopes in front of each other.
  3. Exploration Phase
    Once the mediation issues have been clearly determined and agreed, our mediator will help the parties through the discussion by exploring with them different resolution options. The solutions generated are then analyzed and evaluated with the help of our mediator.
  4. We like to use a whiteboard to list and analyze the options. Our mediator will also photograph the whiteboard and give a copy to both the parties for them to consider in the more relaxed environment of their own home.
  5. Resolution Stage Once a solution is reached, it is legally documented by the mediator and handed to both the parties.

Customize your Mediations

If you are not comfortable with the arrangement of our process, you can also choose to customize it. You may choose to:

Rules of Mediation

Role of the Mediator

The role of the mediator, provided by AR Mediation, is to facilitate and help each party through the process of mediation in a way that allows both parties to resolve the issues themselves. The mediator provides a safe, intimidation-free environment where no anxiety or blame can develop. This helps the parties communicate better and conclude a more effective negotiation. The mediator does not enforce a solution, rather they help the parties reach their own solutions.


We provide the most effective mediation services Newcastle has to offer, at affordable rates. To get a quote for the charges for our services, visit our office, or call us on 02 4927 8349.

About Us

Dr Anjali Rastogi is a talented and highly versatile person; not only is she an experienced lawyer, a nationally accredited mediator, and a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, but she is also a former Dental Surgeon.

Dr Rastogi has years of experience of working with families and teams, in many different spheres of life. She brings the knowledge of effective communication and empowerment to her practice.

She believes in allowing and assisting people to resolve disputes through mediation, rather than taking the adversarial approach of going to a judicial court.

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