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Family Mediations

Family Dispute Resolution

Family Mediation or Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a process where the mediator or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) facilitates separating couples to discuss issues and work out:

Arrangements for children, Property arrangements and Finances in a manner which is :

  • non-threatening,
  • unbiased
  • self-determined and
  • conducive to a long term civil relationship (necessary for raising happy healthy and balanced children)

Under the Family Law Act 1975 and with a few exceptions, separating parents with children are required to make a genuine effort to resolve issues in dispute regarding their children through Family Dispute Resolution.

A 60I certificate from a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner must be provided to the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court prior to commencing legal action.

Types of family mediations include but are not limited to:

  • Children’s Care and Living Arrangements
  • Parenting Plans
  • 60I certificate
  • Property Agreements
  • Wills & Estates Disputes
  • Inter-Family Disputes

The Process

  • Generally, the process begins in pre-mediation where each party individually meets with our mediator to discuss their issues and concerns.
  • If Family Mediation is appropriate for the parties, a joint mediation is scheduled.
  • Our mediator then facilitates discussions between the parties, identifying the issues in dispute and generating possible options in resolving these issues.
  • Discussions are facilitated by our mediator in a manner which is most comfortable for the parties. The parties can choose to be in the same room or separate rooms.
  • Any agreements reached can be documented by the mediator.
  • A formal Parenting Plan can be provided to the parties upon request.

The Rules

  • All parties and the mediator are required to conduct themselves at all times in a civil and non-confrontational manner.
  • Either party can, at any time during the process, ask for a private session with the mediator. The mediator will then offer equal private time to the other party.
  • Either party or the mediator may ask for the session to be adjourned or suspended at any time during the process.
  • Either party or the mediator may terminate the mediation.

The Role of the Mediator

  • to facilitate discussions and resolve disputes in issue between the parties. and;
  • to create an environment free of intimidation, anxiety and blame thus
  • assist the parties to communicate, negotiate and cooperate effectively.

The Fees

Please contact our office on 02 4927 8349 to be provided a fixed price solution.

AR Mediation is a family law mediation service whose aim is to resolve family disputes in the most effective and efficient manner possible. It is headed by Dr. Anjali Rastogi, a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, an experienced lawyer, and a National Accredited Mediator. Dr. Rastogi encourages equal communication between both parties, to facilitate the resolution of disputes in an effective and mutually agreeable manner. Simply put, family mediation Sydney is an affordable and convenient alternative to the judicial system.

What Is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a process whereby an independent professional mediator facilitates the formation of an agreement between two disputing individuals. Such an agreement may address various issues and concerns, such as: child custody arrangements, child maintenance payments, and general finances including debts and pensions. From financial to personal conflicts, family mediation addresses all the issues involved in difficult separations.

Family law mediation services are considered to be an easier, cheaper and less stressful alternative to the judicial system. This is because it grants individuals more room to make decisions on their own terms. In the court system, the judge is the highest authority and their decision is binding, regardless of whether one or both ex-partners agree to it. However, opting for family mediation Sydney allows partners to make decisions on their own terms, come to agreements, and compromise on issues. It is also financially less straining and a less stressful endeavor in comparison to a court process.

Mediation is also known for its high success rate; most separated couples who undergo mediation, form an agreement without the need to go to court. Thus, it saves time, money and stress.

Our Services

The Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) service we offer involves a recognized process whereby a mediator or a dispute resolution expert assists disputing couples in resolving their financial and family issues.

With the help of Dr. Anjali Rastogi partners can effectively work out arrangements relating to their finances, their property and their children in a civilized and harmonious way that is beneficial to all the parties involved.

  • Family Dispute Resolutions

    Separation and divorce between individuals is much easier where both parties understand the importance of maintaining civility. AR Mediation facilitates equal and effective communication between both parties, with the goal of helping both sides reach a fair agreement, which satisfies both their needs.

    Disputes may range from child custody rights, to smaller matters, such as when a child may see its respective grandparents. We strive to find simple, convenient solutions for these issues and to prevent any hostility between ex-partners. Our expert help and assistance enables disputing couples to better understand each other’s viewpoint. This will allow them to maintain civil and long-term relationships with each other. It will also allow them to provide a more healthy and supportive atmosphere for their children.

      We offer the following family mediation services:
    • Children’s Care and Living Arrangements.
    • Parenting Plans.
    • 60I certificate.
    • Property Agreements.
    • Wills & Estates Disputes.
    • Inter-Family Disputes.
  • Mediations for Division of Property

    Following divorce the division of assets and property is a problem all couples face. Out of all the issues, most couples go head to head on the issue of division of property and that is the type of mediation we specialize in. AR Mediation facilitates this division through an unbiased, fair and harmonious process. Mediation permits healthy communication between ex-partners until an agreeable decision regarding property division can be made. We also ensure that equality and justice is maintained for both parties.

    We promise that the process and decision reached will not threaten any of the individuals involved and will be completely impartial. We also ensure that our clients are fully involved in the reconciliation process so that they feel empowered knowing that all decisions were self-determined.

  • Family Dispute Resolutions Process:

    AR Mediation follows a proper, step-by-step process for family dispute resolutions:

    • The process begins in pre-mediation; each party individually meets with one of our mediators for family disputes to discuss their respective issues and concerns in a confidential session. The details of the discussion will not be disclosed to the other party by our mediator.
    • Our mediation process itself begins with our mediator formally introducing themselves to both parties and they then defines their role as a facilitator. The individual parties are then encouraged to share their concerns, and outline what they hope to accomplish with the help of mediation. Setting goals is an important step towards progress as it clearly definess what both parties hope to achieve from the sessions and keeps both them and the mediator focused on the task at hand.
    • Our mediator will then facilitate a healthy environment for communication between both parties and will provide them with options to resolve their issues. These options are then considered and evaluated by the respective parties, with the assistance of the mediator. Resolutions which prove to be fruitful are then documented and distributed to both parties. What suits one couple may not work for another and it is acceptable to undergo a little trial and error before settling on a solution.
    • Both the mediator and the involved parties enjoy certain rights; the mediator may speak to either party individually and a party may request a private session with the mediator at any time. Furthermore, both the mediator and the respective parties may terminate a mediation session at any time. This ensures complete freedom during the process; family law and mediation is meant to be stress-free and encouraging and thus, if you are not feeling up to a taxing session, you can always opt out.
  • Rules For The Mediation Process

    To ensure an effective mediation process, and keep all parties safe and satisfied, AR Mediation has drafted a few simple rules that must be followed throughout the process:

    • A civil environment must be maintained at all times: by the mediator and the parties involved.
    • An individual party may request a private session at any time during the process, after which the mediator will provide the other individual with a private session of equal time.
    • Either individual party or the mediator themselves, may request a suspension or adjournment of the session at any time during the process.
    • The mediation may be terminated by the mediator herself or either individual party.

How Does Family Mediation Really Help?

Family mediation can contribute to a very positive outcome concerning the resolution of issues surrounding divorce and separation. The main advantages of choosing family mediation are:

  • Control in decision-making:
    The alternative to family mediation is handling the matter judicially, which provides the involved parties with little ability to influence the final and binding decision. Mediation acknowledges both partners as the experts in their relationship and family, and provides them with control over the decision-making process. In comparison to leaving it up to a judge, mediation provides both partners with much more say on the outcome of their respective futures. The worst thing for anyone going through such a stressful time is for them to jump from one unhappy situation into another, possibly even more stressful: AR Mediation are here to make sure that does not happen.
  • Reduced stress, tension and confrontation:
    Court battles can get nasty, to say the least. The aim in a judicial case is to "win", normally at the expense of your partner. Consequently, legal cases often involve a lot of hostility. This is upsetting for both partners and can be extremely upsetting for any children involved.
    Family mediation adopts a less combative approach. It aims to reduce tension and conflicts between both parties and encourages both parties to find a common ground for making decisions that satisfy both sides. It is our job to find the best, most convenient solution to your problems for you. This reduces the individual stress both partners may face, makes the separation more comfortable overall, and can make the process much easier for involved children.
    Furthermore, if circumstances change in the future, family mediation allows for both partners to re-visit decisions and adapt them to the new situation.
  • Financially Friendly
    Family mediation costs are much less than those of an actual litigation process. If you and your partner are not financially wealthy, family mediation can save you a significant amount of money, along with being a less traumatic experience overall. If the legal fees do not worry you much, please keep in mind that mediation is a much less hostile and less emotionally stressful option.
  • Proceeding duration
    The family mediation process is significantly faster than a legal process. On average, solving an issue through mediation takes about 110 days – in comparison to an alarming average of 450 days for judicial divorces and separations. Resolving the matter through a quicker route allows both parties to move on with their lives and look forward to their respective futures.

Why Choose Us?

Family mediation is an important process and thus it is crucial for you to choose someone who is both experienced and capable in their field to resolve your issues.

Dr. Anjali Rastogi has secured a plethora of qualifications; she is a Nationally Accredited Mediator, a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, a retired Dental Surgeon, and a practicing Solicitor.

Dr. Rastogi’s role as a qualified Solicitor involved her in many Supreme Court cases and she continues to participate in the Australian judicial system.

This participation, along with careful observation of cases, has led to our firm belief that many disputes can be resolved comfortably, with less financial strain and better outcomes, through family mediation Newcastle, as opposed to the Court system. Our objective is to resolve every individual issue in the best way possible and in a manner which benefits both partners and any children involved.

How To Get In Touch?

Are you looking to hire our services, have any questions or queries, or simply want to know more about us? How to contact us:

Phone Number: 02 4927 8349
Mobile Number: 0422 400 876

Give us a call, or send us a message and we will get back to you. Alternatively, you may simply email us at anjali.bds.llb@gmail.com

Final Note:
AR Mediations provides family mediation services and we are eager to help you resolve your disputes in the best possible manner. We believe in fairness, integrity, honesty and compromise. Mediation is more than just a job for us, it is our way of contributing to the community and bringing relief to people undergoing difficulties.

We have a great deal of experience regarding separation and divorce issues and we can often find creative solutions that may have never crossed your mind. We are also highly-cooperative; we will present you with a range of options and it is up to you to decide which is best.

We understand completely that any solution must be seen as un-biased. If two people cannot work things out together that does not make either of them ‘bad’ persons. AR Mediation recognizes that co-existence may no longer be possible for two parties and we respect those who are ready to work towards escaping an unhappy situation. This is much better than remaining in a stressful and emotionally draining situation that can have a detrimental effect on other aspects of life and can be damaging for other people, especially children.

If you are willing to take positive steps towards your future then we are here to facilitate the best route for you. Dr. Rastogi's experience as both a mediator and a lawyer put her in the perfect position to guide you and your ex-partner through often difficult and confusing personal, custodial and legal procedures.

We aim to create a positive, comfortable environment for communication between all parties. It is easier it is to resolve a conflict when the involved parties are willing to be mature, co-operative and understanding.

To conclude we would simply like to assure you that if you need our services, please know that we have your best interests at heart. We also respect you and your partner’s individual viewpoints and will give them full and equal consideration when designing an effective solution for you.

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