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Conflict in the workplace can often lead to reduced productivity and increased, widespread stress amongst employees. It is best to resolve issues of conflict in the workplace as early as possible.

Possible causes of workplace conflict include:

  • Unmet needs and wants,
  • Individual values,
  • Perceptions of others that maybe incorrect,
  • An inability or unwillingness to deal with conflict.

As an experienced mediator, Dr Anjali Rastogi can provide:

  • a neutral process to resolve issues and personalities in dispute,
  • a confidential, non-threatening environment for employees to air their grievances and concerns
  • an objective and balanced forum to enable employees in conflict to define their issues and create solutions that foster an amiable working relationship.

The Process

  • We meet with the Business Owner or Manager to determine how best to tailor conflict resolution to the circumstances and people.
  • We meet with all parties to the dispute.
  • We conduct the Dispute Resolution Conference with a Transformative Approach to resolving conflict in your workplace.

The Fees

Please contact our office on 02 4927 8349 to allow us to determine your individual needs and provide a fixed price solution.

Conflicts are very common; they are bound to occur in the workplace where people with differing opinions and beliefs interact on a daily basis. These differing points of view can lead to conflict, and this can have a negative impact on your employees’ productivity.

Such conflicts must be dealt with in an efficient manner, reducing the chances that a small disagreement can become widespread conflict, clouding the atmosphere in your company’s workplace and having an adverse impact on your staff's ability to function.

In such situations, workplace mediation can become necessary. Rather than allowing a conflict to effect the work ethic, productivity and success that you have nourished, why not ask the professionals for help? At AR Mediation, we specialize in workplace conflict aiming to make this tricky process as seamless as possible. Our high quality mediation services work to make the disputes and grievances felt amongst your staff a thing of the past. Allowing you to generate a cohesive atmosphere, and increase your company’s success.

Importance Of Resolving Workplace Conflicts

Disputes and conflicts can be very damaging for the environment of a workplace. They create tensions between staff, which in turn lowers productivity, sales and profits. Disgruntled and disputing employees find it difficult to cooperate on teamwork projects, affecting the performance of all other team members. Furthermore, they may not be able to provide a strong customer service, which can impact the reputation of the company.

Moreover, an environment filled with animosity and resentment, unless resolved in time, can cause the underlying dispute to blow out of proportion, increasing the potential for serious harm or injury.

This shows that workplace disputes cause a ripple effect that impacts not just the employees, but the overall company and its customers as well. It is thus of paramount importance to resolve such disputes before they intensify. Senior managers need to invest in an effective dispute management service that can mediate between the aggrieved parties and implement a strategy to reach a harmonious and mutually agreeable settlement.

Our Role

We at AR Meditation have all the tools needed to conciliate conflicted groups within your company. You can rest assured that our experience and skill qualifies us to handle this delicate task with proper discretion and efficiency. Our team members, under the leadership of veteran negotiator, Dr. Anjali Rastogi, are able to undertake and solve all sorts of dispute cases, from minor grievances to fully-fledged dissentions.

The reason we are trusted by corporations across Australia is our personalized approach towards our projects. While the basic principles of dispute resolution are the same, or similar, each case is unique insofar as the nature and intensity of the issue and the different parties involved are concerned. To that end, we tailor our expertise to suit the specific needs of each case.

Our mentor, Dr. Rastogi, believes in the importance of research for effective mediation. The nature of our services are based on acquiring a full understanding of the dispute, with the help of which we plan a sound and comprehensive conciliation strategy that resolves the issue in no time.

When Do You Need To Approach Us?

Conflict at the workplace can prove to be very stressful. It does not only affect your relationship with your co-workers but can also affect your mental health and can even decrease productivity at the workplace. And believe it or not, it can eventually negatively affect all other aspects of your life as well.

Of course, we don’t want that which is why we offer our workplace mediation services to keep you as far from trouble as we can. We think it is best to resolve conflicts at the workplace as soon as possible to avoid prolonging the stress.

You will need to approach us at AR Mediation once the conflict in your company:

  1. Begins to affect your staff’s ability to function effectively as a team
  2. Affects your staff’s willingness to obey orders

To understand when you need to come to us for our Newcastle workplace mediation you may first want to identify the cause behind the conflict. They may be a result of:

  1. A conflict may be over conflicting individual values. Your values might be different from those of your co-workers and you might have reached a disagreement from which there is no going back. Again, however, mediation in the workplace under our mediator’s supervision can ease this situation.
  2. In some cases this conflict may have yet to occur but that doesn’t mean that it will not eventually create problems for you and your workers. Sticking to your values and beliefs is excellent, but you need to be sure that it doesn’t cause problems between you and your workers. If they are allowing people to build a wrong perception of you, or certain members of your staff or force them to misinterpret your intentions then a conflict will be inevitable. In such cases, it' best to deal with the issue before it 'blows up'. The more you show unwillingness to deal with the situation and try to evade conflict mediation in the workplace, the worse the situation will become. Let us help you to tackle the problem in its early stages with our workplace medication services Newcastle.
  3. A feeling of extortion between the employer and employee can be highly detrimental to your company. If your staff begins to feel like you are not being fair with them, setting unrealistically high expectations, or cutting their wages for what they believe to be unjustifiable reasons; your relationship will suffer. This relationship can be vital for any workplace as it motivates your staff to work hard, creating a sense of comrade amongst them. If you notice that you are earning their displeasure, you may wish to utilize our workplace mediation services before the situation worsens even further.

How Can We Help You?

Before you approach us for mediation, you may wonder what to expect. At AR Mediation Dr. Anjali Rastogi, our trusted and experience mediator, can guide you in mediating conflict in the workplace. She will serve as the neutral party and will let the issues and grievances of the parties involved come to the surface so that they can be evaluated and resolved in the most unbiased way possible.

Our aim will be to make the atmosphere during the mediation session as non-threatening and stress-free as possible, allowing the parties feel comfortable in putting their point forward.

You may worry about airing your grievances in our mediation sessions, but rest assured confidentiality is our by word. Anything you reveal to Dr Anjali during workplace mediation Newcastle will remain confidential. Her hope is to act as a bridge between the parties attending her workplace mediation sessions, allowing her to get to the root of the problem and find a solution.

By creating such an environment, and playing the role of a 'neutral third party', Dr Anjali is able to create a balanced forum upon which the conflicting members of a company are able to explain their issues, and understand how far they can go to foster a more pleasant working relationship.

What Is Our Mediation Process?

AR Mediation believes in offering quality services to all its clients. We want our customers to be happy and at peace. To build your trust in our abilities we have worked to provide an outline for our workplace mediation process.

At AR Mediation, the workplace mediation process begins by meeting up with the business owner or manager, as per the case, once they agreed to utilize our workplace mediation services Newcastle. In this meeting, we will help them to outline a ‘game plan', understanding the issues involved, how serious they are and agreeing on how to approach the conflict resolution. Our aim in this first meeting will be to understand the issues you are facing, so that we can tailor the sessions accordingly. We will adjust the process of our workplace mediation Newcastle to your company, picking the technique that best matches the circumstances and the parties involved.

Our next step in the Newcastle workplace mediation process will be to meet with all the parties involved in the conflict. This will allow us to gauge their different opinions and issues. We will work to understand the reason behind the conflict, who the perpetrators are and how far the parties are willing to compromise in order to come to an amiable solution.

At last, we will conduct a Dispute Resolution Conference at you workplace. This Conference will have a Transformative Approach that will help resolve the conflict at your workplace completely.

Who Are We?

Simply put, AR Meditation is a workplace dispute resolution firm. Our services are based around workplace conflict mediation and resolution. Dr. Anjali Rastogi heads the organization, and her experience and expertise have put us on the list of highly sought-after mediation companies.

Dr. Rastogi’s impressive list of credentials fully qualifies her for handling conflict cases centred in the workplace. She is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and a registered dispute resolution practitioner. Her affiliations have been invaluable in furthering her knowledge and experience in the field of workplace mediation.

Dr. Anjali’s long-time experience with the Australian Judicial System led her to conclude that disputes arising in the workplace can be resolved far more effectively and efficiently through mediation practices rather than through the judicial system.

She strongly believes that the string of court visits and its accompanying procedures cause unnecessary stress to the involved parties. They are a drain on finances and can take years to resolve. And even after the court has reached a resolution, the parties may not be satisfied with the decision. Given this, she concludes that potentially better results may be achieved through mediation.

Therefore, Dr. Anjali has sincerely devoted herself to resolving conflicts by providing premium workplace mediation services, thus ensuring reversion to a harmonious and productive working environment.

Dr. Anjali Rastogi personally visits the business owners and discusses the best way to tailor a dispute resolution strategy that suits the unique situation at hand and the parties involved. She reviews each case thoroughly and aims to understand its root cause(s). Then she weighs different options and, after testing and gauging all possible solutions, she recommends the one she thinks will be most effective for all parties. Moreover, she proceeds with an impartial and unbiased judgement at every step of the workplace mediation process.

How To Get In Touch?

Looking to hire our services? want a question—or ten—answered? Curious about how we operate? Here’s how to contact us:

Phone Number:02 4927 8349
Mobile Number:0422 400 876

Give us a call or send us a message, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Alternatively, feel free to email us at:anjali.bds.llb@gmail.com.>

In a nutshell

If you have been facing any kind of conflict with a business partner, a colleague or even your boss at work, don’t waste any time. If you delay the issue too long, you will only make the situation harder for yourself and for the other individual(s).

The team at AR Mediation is always on call to help you get a better handle over your job through our premium workplace mediation services. Our staff all have an extensive experience negotiating between parties and helping them reach the best possible resolution to the dispute. Given our personalized approach and our effective data collection methods, we have made a name for ourselves as one of the best mediation services in the entire Australia.

We strongly advise any entrepreneur or employee going through a painful conflict to contact us at the earliest. Once our team is involved, you can rest assured the conflict will be resolved in no time. Letting grievances fester is never a healthy option, so bringing an experienced team into the equation will allow a quick and agreeable settlement for all parties.

So what are you waiting for? Just give us a call and we will take on the burden of mediation into our capable hands. Dr. Rastogi and her team look forward to working with you.

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